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​​Teeth Whitening

Wanting a whiter and brighter smile? At Maylands Dental we have a range of affordable ‘at-home’ or ‘in-chair’ teeth whitening systems to cater to all of your needs. Teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to lighten intrinsic and extrinsic stains, and to brighten the colour and shade of your teeth. Call us now to enquire.

How Does It Work?

At Maylands Dental we fit each of our patients with a set of customised whitening trays. To do this, we take an impression of your teeth and then use the mould to create trays that fit precisely around every tooth.

When it’s time to pick up your trays, we’ll show you how to place the professional grade gel into reservoirs properly. Then, you wear them for about an hour a day until we’ve achieved the desired results.

What to Expect?

Patients will need a set of customised whitening trays. To do this, we first take impressions of your teeth, in order to create trays that will fit precisely around every tooth.

When you’ve got your bleaching trays, we’ll show you how to place the bleaching gel in the trays properly, and go through the instructions for use in detail. It is advisable to take a few ‘before and after’ photos in order to track your own progress.

What About Sensitivity?

Teeth sensitivity is a common side-effect of teeth whitening. To minimise possible discomfort, we recommend that you follow our directions carefully, and use sensitivity-relieving gel after each bleach application.

If your teeth continue to be sensitive, your dentist may choose to decrease the frequency of your whitening gel application.

Our carefully chosen products are selected to reduce the sensitivity often attributed to teeth whitening. Please give us a call to discuss if interested.

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