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Full or Partial Dentures

Dentures may replace all or some of your teeth. They can be full dentures, partial dentures, chrome or acrylic dentures, and implant retained dentures.

Full Dentures

Full or complete dentures refer to a full set of ‘false teeth’ which replaces all of the upper and lower teeth. They fit tightly over the gums and help restore the patient’s speech and eating. They are usually acrylic dentures. If there has been too much boneloss in the dental arches, the stability and retention of these dentures can be greatly improved by attaching them to dental implants. This method can achieve very satisfactory results for patients without any of their own teeth and struggling with looseness in their existing dentures, especially in the lower arch.

Partial Dentures

Dentures that replace some but not all of the teeth are known as partial dentures. They can be made from a combination of acrylic and chrome casting.

Partial dentures are vitally important for both aesthetics (filling the space of the missing teeth) and functionality (eating, speech, and preventing other teeth from changing position).

Implant Retained Dentures

In patients with significant loss of bone in their dental arches, it may be difficult to achieve optimal stability and retention of traditional dentures. In these instances, dental implants can be placed in one or both arches to act as anchorage for the dentures to fit over. The dentures will attach to the implants and this provides unprecedented stability and retention for those patients who struggles which loose dentures.

Advantages of Wearing a Denture

Your new dentures are made in a way that allows you to speak confidently, eat comfortably and fill out your facial features that may appear sunken-in from losing teeth. By supporting your lips and cheeks, you may find that the dentures enhance your facial profile to restore a younger looking appearance.

Adjusting to Dentures

Dentures can take a little bit of time to get used to. We recommend practicing talking with your dentures in, eating softer foods and cutting foods up into smaller pieces, giving your mouth and its muscles a chance to practice and adapt to the prosthesis in place.

After a few months, most of our patients are functioning well with their new dentures.

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