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What Is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry includes procedures such as fillings, dental implants, crowns, bridges, root canal treatment, and dentures. The aim is to restore health to your dentition to achieve optimal aesthetics and functionality for the patient, addressing aspects of speech and mastication.

Why Restorative Dentistry Is Important?


> Relieves dental pain and discomfort for the patient

> Removes dental decay and diseases and restores oral health

> Restoring edentulous spaces to improve aesthetics and teeth alignment

> Improves mastication and nutrition

> Improves speech

> Improves aesthetics and confidence

Dental Fillings

Dental decay can cause cavities in your teeth. A filling is placed when the dentist removes the decay in the cavity and restores the space with a filling. A filling may also be indicated when a tooth is broken. When a filling is needed, it is always best to perform the restoration as soon as possible to minimise further complications and infections which may requiring more invasive treatments. Minimally invasive techniques are applied to preserve as much tooth structure as possible.

At Maylands Dental we incorporate modern materials and updated techniques that enhance both your oral health and your appearance. We offer superior restorations with our Cerec fillings that have increased strength and aesthetics. Our preventive philosophies can help reduce your risk of developing cavities and minimise dental emergencies.

White Fillings and Cerec Fillings

When a filling is placed, we aim to restore both function and aesthetics for our patients. A white composite resin material is the material of choice for a majority of our fillings. This material offers not only optimal strength, but excellent aesthetics allowing for shade matching to your other teeth.

We also recommend Cerec indirect restorations made on site using our state-of-the-art Cerec machine. These fillings are superior in heavy loading areas, in severely broken teeth, and where aesthetics is a huge priority.

Patients seeking dental veneers on their front teeth are looking at a procedure that requires precise shade selection and optimal aesthetics. This can be achieved most effectively with Cerec restorations. The veneers can be milled by our Cerec machine on site, and cemented on all in one appointment. Contact us for more information.

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